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What Are You Looking For?

What we hear over and over again from women just like you is how heart-wrenching and devastating not being able to conceive the baby of your dreams is, how you didn’t know it would be this hard, and how you feel so painfully alone in your struggle. We hear you and we are here to help. Let us give you exactly what you need to create the healthy family of your dreams.

Get Pregnant Naturally

Our #1 Philosophy:

There’s nothing wrong with your body (even if it feels that way)

  • Even if you have been struggling for years, your body is designed to heal and be healthy.
  • Fertility is a natural function of a healthy body.
  • Infertility, or any symptom for that matter, is simply an adaptation to the environment.
  • It is a purposeful adaptation to your internal and external environment to really protect you and the species.
  • There is a reason your body isn’t conceiving.
  • Our brilliance is in uncovering that reason and supporting you in the restoration of your full health and fertility.
The Holistic Fertility Method Conventional Method (IVF, hormone injections, reproductive technologies)
Works with your body to address the root cause of why you cant conceive Overrides the body’s natural mechanisms to force conception
Creates a healthier couple and family in the long run (think super hero family) Side effects may include bloating, nausea, headaches and mood swings. Long term side effects may include increased risk of ovarian tumors.
Takes more time and effort on your part to implement your Fertility Formula and allow the body to respond. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. At times necessary, often requires multiple cycles, and involves side effects and doesn't create permanent health improvements.
You are ultimately responsible for your health and fertility. Take control today. Your success is in the hands of your doctor and embryologist.
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Success with IVF

Current success rates are 20-30% for any given round of IVF, and most couples take 3 or more rounds to get pregnant.

For all the energetic and financial cost, there has to be a better way.

At The Holistic Fertility Method, we specialize in getting your body ready for IVF through a customized IVF Preparation Program. No other program includes the individualized attention and comprehensive approach to preparing your body and mind for the best outcomes.

This program includes optimizing egg quality, supporting a healthy uterus, balancing hormones, and 7 additional key areas in order to attain the best chance of conception.

So even if you have a “diagnosis” like advanced maternal age or poor egg quality, we can help you improve your success with IVF by restoring your body’s innate healing mechanisms.

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Healthiest Baby Possible

The health of our planet’s children is rapidly deteriorating with each generation. Rates of autism, obesity, and certain cancers continue to rise.

The emotional and financial burden of these conditions is astronomical.

Even less severe conditions like asthma, allergies, and eczema cause undue suffering for children and parents alike.

At The Holistic Fertility Method, we use advanced diagnostics and the latest epigenetic research to help prevent your family from experiencing conditions like autism, obesity, cancer, and more.

We tend to think disease is “in our genes” but in reality the environment controls which of those disease genes are expressed…and guess when it starts… BEFORE CONCEPTION!

You can reduce your child’s risk of asthma, allergies, obesity, and even autism, if you start BEFORE CONCEPTION.

You can set the stage for your child to have the healthiest life by starting BEFORE CONCEPTION!

Our signature approach addresses nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, hormone balance, and mental/ emotional health and more.

The Holistic Fertility Method guides you through this step-by-step process to create your healthiest child, for life.

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Dr. Zagone's Fertility Formula

Our signature Fertility Formula is the most effective way to get you pregnant and have the healthiest baby possible. Crafted to uncover the underlying causes of your fertility struggles, directly address and correct those causes, and optimize the most important aspects of your health, the Fertility Formula is your lifeline to your dream family.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We utilize the latest in blood, saliva, and urine testing to evaluate hormone levels, micronutrient status, inflammatory markers, full thyroid panel assessment, autoimmune antibody levels, egg quality, antioxidant status, and more.

We also use urine testing to evaluate environmental pollutants which could be causing infertility and put your future child at risk of developmental delays and disease.

The full diagnostic assessment is imperative for uncovering underlying causes and risk factors.

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The Fertile Home

A walk through your home with our environmental and energetic checklist gives Dr. Zagone a sense of what changes need to be made in your home with products you’re using or home setup to elicit the best chance at conception.

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You begin the program with our fertility nutrition basics and then an individualized nutrition prescription is designed for you based on blood type, nutrient status, toxic burden, and health conditions.

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Using the most scientifically proven exercise methods for conception, an exercise prescription will be given to each couple and support for maintaining the program may be provided through video coaching or a personal trainer.

Fertility dance will also be incorporated for the mother-to-be’s program. Fertility dance supports pelvic health, emotional health, and helps women access their sensuality and divine feminine essence.

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Emotional Well-Being

What are your deepest fears? How have life experiences or traumas influenced your ability to conceive?

Maybe you’re secretly afraid of being a bad mother or failing. Maybe you fear a shift in your identity.

These common fears can prevent conception if not addressed.

Bust through limiting beliefs and emotional blocks from life, relationships with your own parents, or your own birth.

Emotional healing sessions with Dr. Zagone provide a safe space to explore conscious and subconscious fears and traumas.

In addition, utilize our unique hypnotherapy recordings to maximize your subconscious healing and fertility ability so the program works for you without even thinking about it.

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Sacred Sexuality

The process of struggling to conceive can take all the fun out of intimacy.

Your fertility journey may have left you feeling like sex is a chore and maybe even terrified that your marriage may fail if it doesn’t happen.

Reconnect with your partner on all levels to make the journey fun and transformative.

We use specific self and partner exercises to create a sacred sexual experience which leads to the most conscious conception.

Not only will your relationship thrive again, you’ll enjoy the journey again, and be consciously calling in your perfect baby.

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Your history or lab testing may reveal that environmental toxins are inhibiting your ability to conceive. These same toxins may also contribute to causing your future child undue increased risk of certain conditions like autism or even cancer later in life. In this case, an individualized detox to address the specific toxins that showed up in your results would be created and retesting would be done upon completion of the detox to make sure the detox was effective and you are no longer at risk.

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Mayan Uterine Massage

This ancient healing practice combines physical body work and energetic medicine to improve blood flow, lymph flow, and energetic flow to the pelvis and reproductive organs. Many emotions are also stored in this area, so healing often happens on all levels of being. This modality can also break up adhesions and heal past trauma in the area for example from a previous c-section or sexual trauma.

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The Client Experience

Step 1: In-home Consultation

A consultation with Dr. Zagone will be unlike any other doctor experience you’ve had. Dr. Zagone comes to your home to hear the story of your fertility journey. She listens to your fears and struggles and honors how far you’ve come in the journey so far. She then completes a medical intake with each partner and any pertinent physical exams. Lab tests will be ordered based on your case.

Dr. Zagone combines the information gathered from the intake and all the lab test data to prescribe custom nutraceuticals and individualize each component of the fertility formula to your specific case.

Step 2: Holistic Investigation and Assessment

Using a thorough intake of your story and your full health history allows us to see where your body might be making these adaptations to prevent you from getting pregnant.

Utilizing advanced lab testing allows us to look at the whole picture and illuminate underlying causes that could be contributing to infertility.

Step 3: Uncovering the Underlying Causes

Combining the lab data with your story provides a 360 degree view of your case.

Whether it’s a nutrient deficiency, autoimmune condition, toxicity issue, food reaction, hormone imbalance, past trauma, or a combination, we can find answers.

Step 4: Your Custom Fertility Formula

Based on what we uncover, we can create a custom plan (your unique Fertility Formula) to reverse these adaptations, help you heal your body, and get you pregnant naturally and in the healthiest way possible.

Your formula will include a combination of individualized nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical supplements, detoxification, emotional exploration, and sexual optimization.

Step 5: Implementing the Healing Process

Initiate the healing process with the support of the whole team at The Holistic Fertility Method.

Begin taking action on your fertility formula to:

  • Give the body what it needs: nutrients, sleep, love
  • Take out the toxins: internal and external
  • Stimulate your own healing mechanisms
  • Utilize targeted therapies for optimized conception

Step 6: Great Sex=Great Baby: Enjoy the Process!

Take the pressure out of the process.

Create greater intimacy while calling in your best baby through ancient methods that enhance the sexual conception experience.

Meet Dr. Zagone

Dr. Katherine Zagone combines the mind of a doctor and the heart of a healer to serve couples and women in their journey to conceive their healthiest baby and build the family of their dreams.

After witnessing family members struggle with infertility for years, she felt compelled to find solutions for her patients in similar agonizing situations.

She considers each client’s individual needs as she surveys the whole landscape of your life when crafting the perfect fertility formula.

She empowers clients to create their healthiest lives to conceive and to create their healthiest child possible.

Her holistic approach provides a nurturing experience while addressing medical, functional, environmental, emotional, and energetic causes of infertility.

Dr. Zagone graduated top of her class from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she completed internships in natural fertility and preconception. She received her Bachelors of Science in Health Science from Benedictine University in IL, where she graduated summa cum laude.

She is also the medical director of Gentera Center for Regenerative Medicine in Beverly Hills where she combines advanced cellular therapies for hormone optimization and anti aging both for her fertility couples and her high performance patients.

She assisted in the training of the next generation of naturopathic doctors at Bastyr University California, and as an elite guest lecturer, she has spoken at UCSD and throughout the community on topics including hormones and gut health.

As a belly dancer and champion for feminine power, she embodies the fertile goddess and helps her female clients access their own embodiment to promote fertility.

Every visit with Dr. Zagone is a healing experience in itself.

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About The Holistic Fertility Method

The Holistic Fertility Method is a comprehensive program designed to help you get pregnant naturally or improve your chances of success with IVF and other reproductive technologies.

Not only does The Holistic Fertility Method help with conception, but it sets the stage for creating your healthiest baby and for setting your child up for the healthiest life possible. More and more research in the field of epigenetics is showing that what mom and dad do BEFORE conception affects baby’s chances of certain conditions like autism, cancer, and heart disease throughout that child’s entire lifetime.

The Holistic Fertility Method begins with an in-home assessment of the couple’s health and the home environment. Then an individualized fertility formula is prescribed which may include specialized nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical prescriptions, counseling and more.

How long does it take?

Each client and each couple is unique. For couples wanting to give their child the best lifelong health possible, The Holistic Fertility Method requires a 4 month minimum. This is how long it takes for the body to adjust to the changes so they are passed down.

Like a fine wine, we focus on quality over speed.

But aren’t I losing valuable time and eggs?

No. Even if the process takes a year, your body will be in such an improved state at the end of that year, that the eggs and sperm you are producing will be much higher quality and your body’s ability to hold the pregnancy will be dramatically improved.

So what’s stopping me?

We don’t know that answer yet. Schedule a Conception Consultation with our team to learn how we can help you have the healthy baby of your dreams.



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